Manhasset Physical Therapy Specialists
Sports Performance
Sports Performance training consists of a series of exercise programs that increase balance, endurance agility and flexibility. Athletes that come to Pro Performance are ensured of a sports training experience that produces results to address the physical demands of their specific sports activity. Our physical therapy specialists are quite familiar with the techniques necessary to improve and maintain the body's ability to physically perform.

As a New York physical therapy center, Pro Performance sports trainers have formulated intense exercise programs designed to bring your game to the next level. No matter if your selected sport is baseball, hockey or even soccer, we provide programs that focus on your overall physical development, so that you can remain engaged during your off-season.

Among the physical rehabilitation centers in the Long Island community, Pro Performance is aggressive in its pursuit to develop the all-around athlete. Through physical conditioning and communication, our brand of sports performance training will help in your athletic progression and sports team, as well. As you become stronger, you become less prone to injury. However, should an injury occur, applications are administered to the damaged area as a part of your recovery prescription. That includes back physical therapy, physical therapy for the shoulder, knee, ankle, foot, etc.

Physical therapy clinics like Pro Performance are dedicated to providing an atmosphere conducive to progressive sports training that compliments the athlete. Sports performance affects all athletes, no matter what sport or age. The goal is to raise athletic potential by enhancing and expanding the skill set of the athlete. In turn, the goal of the athlete is to achieve athletic excellence through the innovative training that we provide.

The discipline of physical conditioning is known to elevate an athlete's performance. Physical rehabilitation centers such as Pro Performance, utilize this discipline as well as others, that include active stretching to promote mobility and flexibility for a dynamic warm-up. Other components are inclusive of core posture, movement, and energy. While these may or may not be a part of every sports training program, they are the basic elements of which each athlete should partake. By taking a tailored approach, Pro performance has incorporated sports training similar to that of other top physical therapy clinics.

Back physical therapy is a popular application, as sports careers are short when this part of the body suffers damage. The sports training staff at Pro Performance is concerned and compassionate when it comes to treatment of an injury. They will determine the extent of the injury and administer the proper restorative therapies.

Before and after care is essential for your body when starting a sports performance program. Massage and physical therapy can be applied by our specialists for preparation before training and rejuvenation after an athletic activity. These applications include sports massages, manual therapy, hot/cold contrasts, and corrective exercises. They reduce your potential for injury, while allowing a maximum training session. These types of physical therapy methods promote regeneration, repair and recovery, also ensuring that your body is working harmoniously based on your customized training program.