New York Physical Therapy Specialists
Getting to our Pro Performance New York physical therapy and wellness center is easy with a little guidance. We are a Long Island physical therapy facility, located across the street from the Metropolitan Club, and 2 blocks down from the Glen Cove post office. We offer the very best knee physical therapy and recovery, among many other therapies. Our on-site map will show you the exact location of our offices. By using the zoom tool, you can zero in on land marks that can help in directing you to the right place.

Our physical therapy specialists can be found at our center from any direction of the Long Island area and beyond. Just enter the address of your starting point and get directions, distance, and time frames. Our directions tool can also provide guidance according to the mode of transportation you might take in your commute to our facilities. Once you have entered your address and the directions appear, the map will indicate the proper route to take with a show of certain streets and sites to guide you along the way.

If for some reason you are unable to get to our Pro Performance Long Island physical therapy center, we can come to you with our in home physical therapy program. We will deliver to you our best services, as if you were treated at our Glen Cove location. In home physical therapy can be administered by our highly skilled physical therapy specialists, who are sensitive to the transportation challenges you may be experiencing. You can rest assured that you will continue to get the care that you need and desire.

As you use our map and directions tools, be aware that there may be obstacles along your route that could affect your travel time. Always plan around traffic, weather, and construction projects. Other things like events happening around town and the time of day will cause your map results to differ from your actual travel time. For your convenience, our map results provide you with suggested route options. This way you can take an alternate route if you percieve an event that might delay your getting to our Pro Performance Physical Therapy & Wellness center. In any event, choose that route that will get you to us safely.

In addition to suggested routes, our map and directions navigational tools allow you to save your route options. With the help of Google Maps, you can save and refer to your route choices without having to look them up again.

As you can see, the staff at Pro Performance is concerned about your need for quality health care and finding every way possible to deliver it to you. When your physical performance improves and recovery and restoration is certain, you will feel better about yourself. Whether you receive treatment at home or within our facility, directions that are clear and precise will save you time and frustration as you find your best path to our door for relief in an environment that will put you on the right track.