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Pro Performance is the kind of New York physical therapy treatment center that offers physical therapy for all extremities of the body. Knee physical therapy involves several components for repair, replacement and reconstruction. Most of these treatments require surgery, while others treat the pain that accompanies the injury. whereas in home physical therapy may be administered.

Ligament reconstruction is a common procedure among skiers, where the knee has been twisted too far at its center. This kind of injury requires both open surgery and arthroscopy.

Meniscal repair or meniscal tears are normally treated non-operatively with knee physical therapy and strengthening exercises.

Arthroscopic surgery involves the flushing or smoothing out of the surfaces or tissue fragments of the bone related to realigning a dislocated knee. Physical therapy after-care is required.

Patella-Femoral Pain is a knee injury common to athletes. Pain is centered around the kneecap and increases with your level of activity. Manual therapies, such as mobility, flexibility and strengthening exercises, in addition to balancing exercises are recommended for this type of injury.

Total Knee Replacement – physical therapy is a vital part of the mobility restoration and full rehabilitation of the knee after replacement surgery. In home physical therapy is beneficial, with the patient’s full participation.

Among the many different types of physical therapies, back physical therapy includes both passive and active therapies, designed to focus on decreasing back pain. A combination of stretching, strengthening and low-impact aerobic conditioning are the usual methods that are actually applied to the patient. This mixture of active and passive therapies are necessary to rehabilitate the spine.

Your every move can be affected by back pain. Even the simplest movement can be an excruciating experience. Since there are many causes of back pain, back physical therapy treatments will vary. Proper treatment is determined when the cause and condition of your back pain is identified.

Bulging and herniated discs are rather stubborn conditions that must be treated with care. Therapists on staff at at Pro Performance, as well as other physical therapy clinics, must use caution in developing the proper exercise plan, so that this condition will not be further aggravated. In home physical therapy treatments for the buldging disc may involve mini-trampolines and large therapy balls that can be bounced upon. However, herniated disc exercises will include stretches and strengthening in addition to certain exercises using the trampoline and therapy balls.

An accurrate diagnosis of Arthritis will determine the treatment needed, as this condition presents itself precisely. Common treatments that can be administered are inclusive of physical therapy, splinting, cold-pack application and paraffin wax dips.

The condition of nerve impingement or pinched nerve is where abnormal pressure has been put on a nerve root or the spinal cord, stemming from other conditions. The therapies that treat nerve impingement may include rest, hot/cold therapy, mild exercise, massage, or even electrical stimulation.

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