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Physical rehabilitation centers in the Long Island community are delighted to have technology on their side. As a New York physical therapy and wellness facility, Pro Performance is no exception. Golfers from everywhere are seeking the Power Plate Acceleration Training System, which is designed especially for golfers.

By using the Power Plate only 3 times per week 10 minutes a day, your results will add up to increasing muscle mass and bone density. This kind of workout is made to force your muscles to contract an increased number of times per second, resulting in a more efficient workout. Consistent use of the Power Plate at the Pro Performance physical therapy center, allows for more energy burned in a shorter period of time. Furthermore, these training sessions will promote muscle growth, faster fat loss and increased stability.

Golfers can truely benefit from the Power Plate Acceleration Training System, because it may lessen your need of physical therapy for back pain. The focus is on improving the stamina and range of motion of specific muscles needed to make the golf swing. This makes the difference in your overall performance on the course.

The Power Plate provides vibrations that cause muscles to respond in a way that maintains your balance. The vibration rate may vary depending on your chosen workout. As you perform your stretching and strengthening exercises, at the same time resisting vibrations of 30 to 40 cycles per second, the work by your muscles is accelerated without having to use weights. However, you must start slow and then build endurance.

The Power Plate system offers several ways of impacting joint and bone health. For elderly women who recieve care through the Pro Performance in home physical therapy program, the Power Plate lends the benefit of increased bone mineral density, which helps to avoid osteoporosis. The exercises are usually done in static positions where hardly any movement is required, therefore it is safe for the joints. When stretching, you experience increased flexibility, as connective tissue is stimulated and blood circulation to the extremities is increased. While physical therapy for back pain may not be totally eliminated, applications may be significantly reduced. Patients have seen other impacting attributes that include healthier skin, quicker recoveries, and higher metabolism.

It is the Advanced Vibration Technology of the Power Plate that allows it to promote the body’s internal reflexive response to a point of stimulation to enhance muscle strength and performance. The vibrations actually transfer energy to the body, which results in a stretch reflex that produces rapid, intense muscle contractions.

Physical rehabilitation centers in the Glen Cove area have adopted the Power Plate for vibration training that offers a host of benefits. Pro Performance is a physical therapy center that promotes the Power Plate brand for reducing muscle pain and soreness, and faster recovery of damaged tendons and muscles. Just as when the doctor strikes the knee to cause a natural reflex, the Power Plate vibrations cause the same reactions in the muscles to cause a natural, involuntary response at a neural level.

The expert staff at Pro Performance are always there to assist you with the best Power Plate acceleration training program that’s suited for your fitness needs. When you visit our facility, be prepared to receive the proper training for results that rival your golfing competitors.