Roslyn Physical Rehabilitation Center
Modern technology has made it easier for the individual who is reluctant or unable to exercise. The physical therapy specialists at Pro Performance are happy to introduce a welcomed addition to their New York physical therapy facility, called the Exer-Rest. 

The Exer-Rest is a platform that has the appearance of a twin bed with a memory foam mattress. It is motorized and moves the patient repetitively from head to foot. It is designed to provide increased local circulation and short-term relief of minor aches and pains. Patients may also experience local muscle relaxation.

The Exer-Rest is considered a medical device that moves back and forth at about 140 times per minute within a 30 to 45 minute session. Pro Performance physical therapy specialists administer daily treatments for maximum symptomatic relief. The Exer-Rest is a non-invasive, drug-free device, known to produce Whole Body Periodic Acceleration (WBPA) and is an alternative for the patient who is unwilling to exercise.

Physical rehabilitation centers like Pro Performance, have the treatment advantage by utilizing this equipment as a more efficient way for the body to naturally release mediators that are vital for the adjusting of blood vessels. It allows for better blood flow to the organs and suppresses inflammation. Those who have been treated with the Exer-Rest have experienced improved circulatory health.

Our in home physical therapy programs are especially suited for the Exer-Rest. Patients who are immobile due to chronic disorders, injury or lifestyle choices, can benefit from the pulsating movement that the Exer-Rest provides to the natural body pulse. Our programs help the body recover from illness and injury.

The Pro Performance New York physical therapy center staff combines physical therapy for shoulder pain with the advantages of using the Exer-Rest system. It provides warmth to the shoulder muscles to reduce pain and discomfort, promotes muscle relaxation and restores mobility to the shoulder joint. The usual morning stiffness is gradually eliminated so that patients can move into a better quality of life with more enthusiam and energy.

Pro Performance has joined the ranks of the top physical rehabilitation centers by the incorporation of the Exer-Rest. The Exer-Rest provides brisk exercise without any effort from the patient. However, the patient receives the internal benefits that exercising provides and helps improve overall quality of life.

The Exer-Rest can also be used by individuals who are physically fit and lead active lifestyles. Take a break from your usual upright exercise routine and let the Exer-Rest do the work for you while relaxing and listening to your favorite music. It will provide you with a workout that will at the very least, help maintain the energy levels that you are accustomed to with your routine exercise program.

People of all ages are pleased with the results they get from using the Exer-Rest device. When you visit our Pro Performance facility, give the Exer-Rest a try and get a great start on improving your overall health.